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Ground Zero Airfield

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Welcome to Ground Zero Airfield
Your Local Airsoft Field and Store...

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We are Ground Zero Airfield. We are a locally owned and operated airsoft store and airsoft field. We offer more than just airsoft as well. We offer military surplus and more. We opened this store along with the airsoft field to give our kids, youth, and adults somewhere fun to come and build a bond between each other and have a friendly game of airsoft. Airsoft is a game you play with guns that shoot out 6mm bb that are made of plastic. There are many precautions we take to ensure safety of everyone that comes in to play. We require that our players wear facial protection to ensure that everyone has a safe and fun time with minimal pain. We are not like other airsoft fields because we are free from obstructions unlike many other places. We are in an open field with hill/ bunkers, barrels, buildings, blinds, tractor tires, and a sniper tower. We do not have trees on the field that will block shots and line of sight which makes for better games. So come check us out.

All bb's used on our field must be unopened or purchased here in store the day of use. We allow you to store them here for the next time you return after opened.

Group Birthday/ Party- 15 people with rental gun, mag, battery, mask included- $ 250. Call for more rates depending on number of players.

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  • Echo 1 m16 
    Echo 1 m16 $149.99
  • Echo1 m4 AEG $179.99+tax
    Echo1 m4 AEG $179.99+tax
  • Timberwolf gas blowback 
    Timberwolf gas blowback $160.99+Tax
  • Top- APS m40 $232.99
bot.-game force 700pss w/ sight. $189.99
    Top- APS m40 $232.99 bot.-game force 700pss w/ sight. $189.99
  • Bravo Half face mask 
    Bravo Half face mask $10.99
Echo 1 m16 
Echo 1 m16 $149.99
200 Haywood rd Greenville sc 29607

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